Monday, February 4, 2008

Videos in our Website

I finally uploaded and embedded in our webpage the videos of our last Ruby Anniversary Celebration. We can now share to those who missed the momentous occasion the events of the homecoming in moving picture. The videos were filmed by Milo Reynante (better-half of Nini Austria), Nene Simpelo and Josie Reyes. All the 3 films were compiled, edited and transferred into DVD by Ernie Flores of which I was one of the lucky recipients.

The videos are divided into 7 flicks:
1. Welcome Party - October 30, 2005
2. Tour of Corregidor – November 2, 2005
3. Parade and Family Day – November 5, 2005
4. Hawaiian Night – November 6, 2005
5. Road Tour to the North of Luzon – November 8 – 12, 2005
6. Appreciation Party by the Balikbayans – November 14, 2005
7. Pansol Resort Outing – November 16, 2005

I have to do my own format conversion, editing and removing some scenes in the video just to be accommodated by the video server. The quality of the video is not so vivid like the original, but it serves the purpose.

To watch the video, visit our website at Cavite National High School Class 65 Alumni Site and click the link on “Anniversary Celebrations”, then go to the link on "Ruby Jubilee or you can go directly to my YouTube channel at and click the playlist “Ruby Anniversary”. The video is not suitable for dial-up connection and is best watched with DSL or better connection.

I will update our web site with the events of this coming reunion come Feb 16 both in still photos and life videos when all materials have been compiled.